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Automated real-time electrolyte readouts during dialysis to optimize session durations and personalize treatments


Low-cost in-line dialysis monitoring technology

Single-use sensor cartridge with cost of goods below $1
Measurement via regular micro-sampling of blood
Blood taken from arterial line; never returned to patient
Attaches to existing equipment
Quick setup and minimal hands-on time

Product under development and not yet available

Electrolytes at a glance

Electrolyte readouts are clearly displayed, with the initial and current readings shown.

Measurements are taken every 5 minutes and displayed in real-time on the connected display.


Easy-to-read graphs show trends at a glance.

Product under development and not yet available


Modular for easy integration into clinical workflows 

Simply attach the cartridge to the bloodline and dialysate line with standard connections

Connect the monitor cable – LyteSpeed does the rest

Disposal is quick; disconnect the cable and the cartridge remains sealed to the bloodline.

Product under development and not yet available

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