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Kalium Health digital electrolyte monitoring technology

At Kalium Health patients have been at the heart of everything we have done since day one. Our strongly clinically-driven approach means we don't just deliver technology solutions, we look for opportunities to make meaningful improvements to treatment pathways.

We brought together world-class research and decades of industry experience to create the Kalium digital health family of products. We are now developing applications for this technology with a focus on enabling clinically actionable health insights for cardiorenal diseases.


Kalium ​digital health platform

We are creating the digital ecosystem for cardiorenal management. Our HIPAA/GDPR-compliant platform will integrate with existing EHRs/EMRs to enable real-time access to data from the Kalium family of products, providing unparalleled access to data whilst reducing the need for in-person consultations.

Product under development and not yet available

Kalium Health digital electrolyte monitoring.jpg

Kalium smart patient app

Our smart app puts the patient in control of their everyday health. A secure Bluetooth connection to the Kalium handheld monitor puts real-time test results and alerts at the patient's fingertips and enables AI-powered health insights to help with controlled diets and medication.

Product under development and not yet available

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Kalium handheld monitor

The Kalium handheld monitor works with our low-cost, single-use tests and is simple enough for anyone to use. A rapid readout of blood electrolyte levels from a single drop of blood makes clinical-grade testing possible without the need to visit a clinic, freeing up the patient to get on with what they enjoy.

Product under development and not yet available

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