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Partnering with Kalium Health

Collaboration is one of our core values. We recognize that our technology has multiple applications across healthcare and we welcome opportunities to explore new use cases, different clinical settings and international geographies.

Our team is strongly clinically-led and transparent in our approach; and we strive to use our technology to deliver a lasting advantage.

  • We work closely with healthcare providers to identify opportunities to add value to their clinical workflow, cutting out delays associated with traditional bloodwork and supporting patients to stay healthy at home.

  • Our technology provides physicians with real-time blood data, adding value to consultations and enabling the most appropriate prescription of cardiorenal medications.

  • We can support pharmaceutical companies with clinical trials with frequent blood electrolyte sampling and remote uploading of data by participants.

  • We have also successfully worked with global medical device manufacturers to integrate our sensing technology into next-generation healthcare products.

Contact our team early to learn about our technology and discuss how we might add value to your mission.

Working with care providers

We partner with innovative care providers to help keep patients healthy outside the hospital.

We facilitate remote monitoring by enabling patients to collect and share their own blood electrolyte data.

Our technology can be integrated into the workflow of value-based care providers.

Contact our partnerships team to learn more.

Working with physicans and pharmaceutical companies

Our products are designed to be intuitive and simple for patients and clinicians to use.

Our technology supports the real-time upload of results and patient-generated data in clinical trials.

We can help physicians make quicker prescribing decisions.

Contact our clinical team to learn more.


Working with medical device manufacturers

We collaborate with device manufacturers on accurate, real-time electrolyte measurement.

Our technology, underpinned by several patent families, is designed around medical requirements.

With versatile sampling options, and electronic data output, we offer instant electrolyte reporting.

Contact our technical team to learn more.

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