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Living our values during lockdown

Like so many other companies around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting restrictions have forced us to make changes to the way we are working. Throughout this challenging period our core values have remained steadfast as we continue to adapt to new challenges and opportunities. Here are some examples.


Care. As Covid-19 has significantly impacts people with certain chronic conditions we have seen increased interest from clinicians, industry and the media in personalised monitoring and treatments. Patients have been at the heart of our mission from day one and this terrible pandemic has strengthened our resolve to bring accessible, personalised monitoring to patients.

Creativity. We're a creative bunch and love to encourage new ideas and new ways of thinking. While we temporarily limited our laboratory time it was exciting to see new technology ideas and experimental plans emerge.

Integrity. Covid-19 restrictions have impacted all of our business partners and suppliers in some way. Fortunately, pretty much everyone we work with has been open about their own challenges and we have been considerate of longer than usual timescales and fair when it comes to paying suppliers.

Respect. Lockdown has created specific individual needs, like home schooling, and we have adapted to accommodate team members - not to mention family members as they appear on calls! As we settle into new working practices, respecting individual ways of working will be more important than ever - including avoiding 'Zoom fatigue'.

Teamwork. Our team is well-established and our high level of mutual understanding has helped carry us through lockdown with relationships strengthened. As we go on to recruit this year, a spirit of collaboration and shared willingness to listen will be key to success. Job openings will be posted on our careers page.



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